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216 East 49 Street, NY,


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Operation Manager

Location: 216 East 49 Street, New York, NY 10017

We are looking an operation manager to join our restaurant management team.

Summary of Position Responsibilities

1. Coordinate daily Front of the House and Back of the House restaurant operations

2. Deliver superior service and maximize customer satisfaction

3. Respond efficiently and accurately to customer complaints

4. Regularly review product quality and research new vendors

5. Appraise staff performance and provide feedback to improve productivity

6. Estimate future needs for goods, kitchen utensils and cleaning products

7. Ensure compliance with sanitation and safety regulations

8. Manage restaurant's good image and suggest ways to improve it

9. Control operational costs and identify measures to cut waste

10. Create detailed reports on weekly, monthly and annual revenues and expenses

11. Promote the brand in the local community through word-of-mouth and restaurant events

12. Recommend ways to reach a broader audience (e.g. discounts and social media ads)

13. Train new and current employees on proper customer service practices

14. Implement policies and protocols that will maintain future restaurant operations



Minimum bachelor’s degree in management or business administration; at least 3 years working experience on related position.


If interested, please contact: Leidian Li,